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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can transform your approach to food, exercise and health. Once you have made up your mind to lose weight hypnotherapy helps liberate you from old bad habits. There are some powerful hypnotic tools that I can use to help you forget about food. So you eat only when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied. Changing your eating habits with hypnotherapy enables you to learn a healthy way of eating that feels natural and normal. If you use food for any other reason than to satisfy your hunger then you

  • Stop obsessing about food

  • Stop food cravings

  • Stop binge eating

  • Have a better relationship with food

  • Overcome emotional eating

  • Let go of those feelings of failure and guilt

  • Believe you can lose weight

  • Stop dieting.

  • Feel more positive about yourself

When it comes to straightforward one-to-one hypnotherapy, most people notice a difference after the first session. It’s up to you how many you opt for, but three to four sessions are usually required for a longer-lasting result.


Weight loss hypnotherapy is not a diet. It is a method for which to stop obsessing about food. By removing the diet mentality from your mind and focusing on health and wellbeing you turn your attention away from food. Stopping dieting liberates you from the food trap.

When you don’t have to think about food all the time it’s easier to eat healthier food. You naturally begin to desire healthy foods. Your mind wants to nourish your body. Weight loss hypnotherapy helps you change your mindset and approach to food.

Changing Habits

As burning off fat cells takes time, it makes it much easier to stop the ‘all or nothing’ mentality. If you eat something you deem unhealthy it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You don’t have to continue to eat it all and then more. You can stop and continue to choose healthier food for the rest of the day. Rather than saying you’ll start again the next day or next week you are able to treat it just as food and then forget about it. This takes practice and the more confidence you get, the easier it becomes.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

I suggest 3 – 6 sessions, most people notice a difference after the first session. It’s up to you how many you opt for, but to remove old habits and behaviours for a longer-lasting result, allow for the amount that will work for you.


  • It stops you from obsessing about food.

  • It stops your food cravings.

  • It helps you have a better body image

  • It helps you to stop feeling guilty.

  • It helps you have more energy so you can get fitter.

  • It helps to stop emotional eating.

  • It helps you to eat only when you are hungry.

Online Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

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LIFE CHANGING. Literally! After years of being a total sugar addict, despite being very disciplined with every other aspect of my life, I just couldn’t give up cakes/biscuits/ice cream etc. I was fortunate it didn’t come with a weight problem but, very conscious it would incur health problems. I had one session with Jennie and that was that-no more sugar! I have ‘tested’ it and just not had any desire at all. It has also impacted my eating decisions generally and I’m a lot healthier. Thank you so, SO much, Jennie. These last three months have been really wonderful and I feel relieved that I’m not pouring pounds of sugar into my body on a daily basis. If I am ever tempted, I’ll be back!


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