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Hypnotherapy Treatments

Hypnotherapy is a state of deep relaxation when your unconscious mind is open to positive suggestions. It’s a highly effective form of therapy that produces long-term results for a variety of issues.

During your session, you will be guided into a trance (a state of deep relaxation). This simply means your busy mind is quietened, allowing us to connect with your unconscious. This means no more struggling with will power!

We then give your unconscious the correct information, in a way it can understand, which changes how you feel, react and respond to phobias, addictions, emotions and situations.

Here are some of the Hypnotherapy Treatments we offer:

Hypnotheropy for Addiction And Phobia

Binge Drinking

Are you concerned you are drinking too much? Are you unable to stop after a couple of glasses? Are you binge drinking?

Do you want to stop smoking? If you have had enough and have made the decision, stop smoking hypnotherapy makes it easy.

Hypnotherapy helps you change the way you think about food and exercise. It gives you the emotional resources to eat healthier foods helping you to make better choices. 

No matter how long you’ve had your phobia, or how severe it is, hypnotherapy can cure it. There are a number of very effective techniques which can be used to help you.

Stop Smoking

Weight Loss


Hypnotheapy for Anxiety


Is jealousy holding you back or damaging your relationship? Hypnotherapy can help you overcome feelings of jealousy.

If you suffer from panic attacks then you know how debilitating they can be. Hypnotherapy can help address the triggers and rid you of panic attacks.

Hypnotherapy is highly effective in treating anxiety. Through exploring the way your body and mind reacts to these feelings, we can help you get control back.

Insomnia is a serious condition which can deeply affect your life and cause other problems, such as anxiety. Hypnotherapy could be the answer.

Panic Attacks



Hypnotherapy For Confidence


Do you suffer from low self-esteem? Know you can achieve more but lack the confidence to go for it? Hypnotherapy can help you truly believe in yourself.

We all procrastinate at times, but is your lack of motivation stopping you reaching your goals? Hypnotherapy can help your mind become more focused.

Nail biting, hair pulling and skin picking can outer signs of heightened emotional state. Hypnotherapy is a very effective way of ridding you of these habits, often using CBT practises too.

Hair pulling  can be a nervous habit of arise from boredom, stress or other emotions. We can help you disassociate from these emotions and break the hair pulling habit.


Hair Pulling

Nail Bitting

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Childbirth can be scary. You want to enjoy your pregnancy but also prepare yourself without becoming overcome by fear. Hypnotherapy can help.

IBS affects so many people, and yet there's very little medically that can be done to relive symptoms. Hypnotherapy has been extremely effective in treating IBS.

Hypnotherapy can often be the last resort with fertility, which is such a shame because it can help tremendously. Aside from helping with conceiving, it also takes care of you and your wellbeing on the journey.

Do you struggle to make relationships work? Maybe the past is holding you back? Hypnotherapy can help you let go and open yourself up to positive relationships again.




Hypnotheropy For Children

Children are very responsive to hypnotherapy as they have such active imaginations. They are open to positive suggestions that can transform their lives.

Find out more about how hypnotherapy can help children.

Children Jumping on Trampoline
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