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Hypnotherapy For Confidence

Hypnotherapy For Confidence

Confidence is one of the by-products of hypnotherapy.  

Whatever people come to see me about they do seem to end up feeling more confident and self-assured in various areas of their lives. As hypnotherapy works at the unconscious level it usually feels like a natural progression. It helps you let go of the fears, stops negative thinking and breaks old habits. Even years of self-sabotage, undermining yourself and generally being hard on yourself can be transformed with a few sessions of hypnotherapy and, because it changes you at the very core of your beliefs, you become more comfortable with feeling confident as time goes on.


Hypnotherapy for confidence helps you focus on what you want to achieve. You get into new positive ways of thinking. Your self-confidence improves and as you were born with it, it’s only experiences that erode it, it feels natural. As you become more confident, hypnotherapy helps you forget the knocks that held you back. So the confident you is the normal you.

Hypnotherapy For Confidence Helps You:

  • Hypnotherapy improves your self-confidence

  • Helping you overcome fears and old patterns of behaviour

  • Increasing self-esteem and helping to improve many parts of your life

  • Hypnotherapy helps to find your self-worth increasing positivity.

  • Confidence makes everyday living more enjoyable.

  • It helps you be proactive and achieve your potential.

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I cannot recommend Jennie Francis highly enough. Not only is she a very talented hypnotherapist, she is also an intelligent and empathetic listener. Jennie always takes the .+time to fully understand my concerns so that she can address these concerns in an appropriate and bespoke manner. Jennie has helped me enormously and for that I will be forever grateful.

Simon E.

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