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Stress Hypnotherapy

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Are you feeling stressed out and struggling to cope, stress hypnotherapy can help. Stress affects everyone at some time or another and for everyone it’s different. If you are feeling constantly under pressure, finding it difficult to cope or having a physical reaction to stress then hypnotherapy can help. Relentless stress, feeling constantly overburdened and distressed can be emotionally and physically damaging.


There is a common misconception that situations are stressful, but it’s your reaction to it that makes you feel stressed. Hypnotherapy helps to stop that response.

If the stress trigger is not dealt with, you can develop the ‘stress habit’. The stress reaction happens instantly and usually becomes more frequent over time. Also the longer it continues it can get worse.


Hypnotherapy helps to stop the stress trigger, changing how you think and how you feel. This happens in a way that seems so natural, that being calmer, more relaxed and comfortable in your skin feels normal.

My clients usually notice a big difference after the first session. It has been known to alleviate all the symptoms in the first session. I usually say to allow for 3 sessions. Sometimes there are other problems that need to dealt with to get the level of well being you want.


  • You change your response

  • Reduce your stressful reaction

  • Feel calmer

  • Be able to manage

  • Working at deeper levels so you feel calmer and more confident in general

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I started to find life overwhelming with work and the kids and home life it all felt too much. I was being snappy and unreasonable but I couldn’t seem to stop myself. I found the anxiety and stress hypnotherapy really beneficial and it helped me to relax. I also learnt techniques to help me deal with stressful situations. I bought the relaxation cd which really helped as well. I’m so much calmer now. I also find I get so much more done. I do think in a different way now, it’s as though my mind is clearer.

Veronica A.

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