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Hypnotherapy For Children

Child Psycholgist

Children have such active imaginations that they respond quickly and easily to hypnotherapy. They interact immediately with the trance induction.

Hypnotherapy helps children in many areas of their lives.

  • Behavioural problems

  • Lack of concentration and focus at school

  • Building confidence

  • Overcoming anxieties and fears

  • Helping to get better sleep

  • Stop bedwetting

  • Helps them to stop biting their nails.

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Joe was nine, and he was being disruptive at home and getting into trouble at school. He was able to talk about how this made him feel and the frustrations he was suffering. In his own words, he wanted to ‘make things better and stop getting so angry’. He was very proud of the house points he received after the first session and his mother said that although they had had a couple of fights, in general, the household was much calmer >
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