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Jennie is amazing! She saved me in many ways. She has a unique skill of getting to the route of any problem very quickly even if you don't know yourself. You will not regret meeting this lady. Absolutely life-changing!

- Marie

I cannot say enough about how Jennie’s changed my life. She is truly exceptional at what she does and I have benefitted enormously from my sessions with her. Nothing is impossible with Jennie’s help. Her upbeat, caring, thoughtful therapy has given me so much and I have shared her details with many friends who all say the same. If you need support to change your outlook on life, remove fear, phobias, and/or obstacles that are holding you back and stopping you from reaching your potential and finding contentment, Jennie’s gentle but super effective sessions are for you.

- Catherine

Nina helped me in the worst part of my life.  She bought me calm and hope!  She helped me forget my feras and anguish.  When I got pregnant again my body and mind were finally ready to generate new life and have a quiet delivery!  From my heart a very big thank you to Nina.

- Carla

I have seen Jennie for hypnotherapy twice, once for help to stay calm during my driving test and once to help with my sleep during a particularly stressful point in my life. The effect she had for me was really quite powerful, she makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and can help you identify key barriers/worries without being invasive (a very rare quality I find). The effects of a course of sessions for me were quite evident and have really helped me beyond the initial reasons for my visits. She's a true gem.

- Lucy

I have tried numerous therapists over the years but only Nina has been able to make a real difference.  She gets straight to the crux of the issue and her wonderful enveloping hypnotherapy sessions really seem to work miracles.

- Kat

I cannot thank Jennie enough for the help she has provided to me. I was exceedingly stressed and no longer coping with the things life were throwing at me. She brought me back to my "normal" and I now see things clearly and my life is much easier. I have recommended her to a number of my friends and she has made a difference to them. I definitely recommend her - not only is she superb at her job, but she is an understanding lady and is willing to go the extra mile.

- Christine

Hypnobirthing with Nina was exactly what I needed to prepare for giving birth. Feeling empowered, calm and confident that my body knew what to do. The session was recorded and we listened to it almost every night, Nina's voice is such a pleasure to listen to! Thank you Nina for preparing us for the most magical birth giving experience we could have wished for. A very grounding experience.

- Femke

Wow what a game-changer, I could not believe how Jennie has helped me!! I would highly recommend her. Thank you so much

- Luke

Jennie is a brilliant hypnotherapist and has treated both myself and my family for many years. Last year my 16-year-old son saw her because he was having issues with his long term stammer. Jennie worked wonders and he is now, not only more confident in himself but also very rarely stammers!

- Sarah

I smoked a pack a day. For 20 years. Went to see Jennie. If I see someone smoke now, I feel sick for them. Not smoked in almost 5 years. Jennie's method works, if YOU want it too. Can't recommend her enough.

- Stuart

Can not thank Jennie enough for alleviating my fear of flying.

- Rosie

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