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Childbirth Hypnotherapy

Feel calm and relaxed about giving birth.

Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective way of reducing the pain of labour. It can also reduce the amount of time spent in labour, lessen the need for medication, and reduce the need for medical intervention. Hypnosis is one of the only known no-risk pain relievers, making it safer for both mother and baby, and it has also been sown to reduce instances of post-natal depression.

Hypnotherapy techniques to reduce the pain of labour

You will a variety of hypnotic techniques which can be practised in anticipation of the baby’s arrival. It helps you to feel more relaxed and calm in the preceding weeks up to the birth. It also increases your confidence, as you practice the techniques you find the most beneficial.


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A programme of six sessions prepare mothers to be on both a conscious and sub-conscious level for the whole birth process. These sessions can be taken at any time before the baby is born. Most mothers leave it to a month or so before the due date.

  • It can shorten the first stage of labour by several hours.

  • It enhances the possibility of a natural ‘drug’ free birth.

  • The mother is much calmer which in turn has a healthy effect on the unborn baby.

  • It reduces and sometimes eliminates the need for painkillers.

  • The shorter labour and reduced drug intake enhances the recovery process.

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Just to let you know I had my baby boy James on 8/09/07 at 3.36am. He was 8lb 12 oz. It all went really well and once again the hypnosis worked a treat!* The midwife was very impressed she said she had to keep physically checking how dilated I was because normally ¬-she can tell by peoples reactions but I was too calm! Also when she went on her break another midwife took over and the first midwife informed her I was having strong contractions and was near to delivery but you just couldn’t tell from my behaviour.
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