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Motivation Hypnotherapy

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If you struggle to begin, find it hard to continue or difficult to complete tasks then hypnotherapy can help.


Procrastination is an avoidance tactic that prevents you from doing what you need to do. You do something more pleasurable instead.


Characteristics of someone who procrastinates include low self-confidence, excuses of being too busy, stubbornness (you can’t make me do that), manipulation (they can’t start if I’m not there). Delaying is a coping mechanism for pressure and feeling frustrated because you don’t know why you just don’t get on and do it.

Hypnotherapy helps to break these old habits, helping your unconscious mind understand that you can do whatever you need to do. By finding the reasons that stop you from succeeding. Some of these will be obvious and others hidden buy hypnotherapy can help you work through them.

Hypnotherapy helps your unconscious mind work through the problems by helping you:

  • Be pro-active

  • Stop trying to be perfect

  • Break the unconscious habits that stop you

  • To encourage you to find ways to make your mind work for you

  • Feel more confident about getting the task done immediately

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My drinking was out of hand. Every time I went out I would get drunk. It was putting a strain on my relationship with my partner who not only had to deal with my drunken outrage but was worried about my safety when I’d get home completely out of it. One of the worst things was having no memory of what I did when I was out. I was totally out of control.
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