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Skin Picking Hypnotherapy

Skin picking can manifest in many ways, often it's picking cuticles or chewing inside cheeks, it's related to nail-biting and hair-pulling.


Hypnotherapy is used alongside CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to find the cause and triggers of this habit. Causes can be as simple as a habit that needs breaking or perhaps more complex issues of self-confidence or anxiety need to be addressed. 


Hypnotherapy is used to retrain the subconscious mind to find other less destructive ways of dealing with the trigger emotions.  CBT is used to recognise trigger situations and negative thoughts/belief systems that need to be adjusted.

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Skin Picking Hypnotherapy

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Have just got back from my honeymoon and wanted to say thank you. It was great when my husband put my wedding ring put on a finger I felt proud rather than cringing inside. I haven’t bitten my nails at all since I saw you.

Rebecca H.

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