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Hypnotherapy For Panic Attacks


No matter what causes your panic attacks, hynotherapy can help to stop them. It helps you to learn a different response to the triggers which cause the panic, so you can feel calmer and more relaxed.

Hypnotherapy For Panic Attacks Helps You:

  • You can be more positive and confident

  • It helps you to learn to be in control

  • It helps to remove the fear and desensitize the situation

  • It helps to make permanent changes to your state of mind so panic attacks can disappear completely

Online Hypnotherapy For Panic Attacks

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I’d had a stressful year moving to London, starting a demanding job and buying a new house. I was on the tube and I could feel my heart racing, I felt clammy and weird. I got off at the next station to get myself together. I made the journey to work but found myself fretting about going home. I found myself worrying about when it would happen again, and became nervous about going on public transport. I’d heard hypnotherapy could help. After the first session, I walked out of the room with a huge smile on my face and immediately jumped on the bus home without thinking about it! My husband said he’d never seen me so positive and happy! I had four sessions and each time I felt better and more confident. I haven’t had a panic attack in months, and travel on all forms of transport and feel fine.

Stephanie S.

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