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Hypnotherapy For Infertility

Do you want to feel more positive about getting pregnant? Whether you are trying for a baby naturally or are undergoing fertility treatment, hypnotherapy helps you to feel more confident through the process.

  • You can start to feel calmer and more positive about the outcome.

  • It also lets you take your mind off the situation so you can enjoy other areas of your life more.

  • It can reduce, or even remove, those fears and anxieties.

  • hypnotherapy is beneficial to your well-being whilst you undergo fertility treatment.

  • Relaxing your mind and body has the potential the let your body be more receptive to medical treatments.

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After I left Jennie the first time I felt considerably less anxious. The second time Jennie asked me how I wanted to feel about the forthcoming IUI and I said I wanted to feel optimistic, even confident that it would work out. Above all, I needed to feel calm. I swear that that is how I felt going into the treatment! The IUI worked the first time. I was overjoyed. I now have a 17-month son, Harry. When, about a year later, I started thinking about conceiving again I became very anxious, anticipating a repeat of all the problems we had the first time around. I went to see Jennie and a few months later, fell pregnant naturally.
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