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Hypnotherapy for Depression

A combination of Hypnotherapy and CBT tends to work most effectively.

If the depressions is severe and/or long term medication can also be helpful along side talking therapy.

Hypnotherapy works on several levels:

If there is a past event or experience that is triggering the sadness hypnotherapy is used to reframe the past, enabling you to let go of ‘sticky’ emotions like anger or fear. This enables you to move forward, the past cannot be changed but how you feel about it can.

Hypnotherapy uses powerful imagery, suggestions and future progression to stimulate positive thinking and feeling.

CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) is used in conjunction with hypnotherapy:

CBT is a practical, forward thinking therapy, by this I mean it focuses less on the past and more on the present and future. CBT techniques give you practical tools to help change patterns of thought and behaviour, helping you to recognise and intercept negative thought spirals and make better day to day choices.

The number sessions required vary depending on the severity of the depression and the commitment of the client. However expect somewhere in the region of 4-8 sessions.

Using powerful hypnotic techniques to break old negative beliefs.

You may notice your mood improve after just one session.  Lasting change will occur if you follow the CBT techniques and listen regularly to the MP3 sessions.

You will be taught how to recognise the symptoms so if the depression returns you'll instantly have the tools you need to shift it.

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I got to the point where I didn't see much point to life.  Nothing was fun, everything was exhausting.  Change is hard and takes time and commitment but hypnotherapy and CBT combined were the tools I needed to feel better, thank goodness!
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