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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Do you want to stop smoking? When you’ve made that decision, stop smoking hypnotherapy can make it much easier to quit. You can stop constantly telling yourself that you don’t want a cigarette. Stop smoking hypnotherapy will help you change your mind about being a smoker. I use hypnotic suggestions to help you have the power to be completely free. You can immediately, after the first session, begin to enjoy the benefits of quitting.

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Two-Session Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

We do a two-session programme. You stop after the first session. The second is there to make sure you haven’t replaced smoking with anything other than a healthier lifestyle. This extra session really helps people get the life they want. Many of my stop smoking hypnotherapy clients go onto getting very fit, running marathons and cycling 100’s of km. It’s up to you how fit you get.


  • It will ensure you stop craving cigarettes.

  • It will help you think like a non-smoker.

  • It will allow you to stop feeling guilty about being a smoker.

  • It will enable you to enjoy the thought of a healthy future.

  • You will be free of the addiction.

  • You and your clothes will stop smelling of stale smoke.

Online Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

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Smoking is one of the hardest habits, this was no different for me. I had tried for many, many years and numerous times. The journey to give up involved all new ideas - acupuncture, patches, ecigarettes. I had tried it all and THEN, one evening someone gave me Jennie’s details. I made an appointment. I was really not a believer. But I have been smoke-free for over a month, no other aids. It is a miracle as I finally free with very little effort and cost.

Kal D.

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