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Hypnotherapy For Jealousy

Do you feel insecure and jealous?

If you feel insecure in your relationships or with your partner hypnotherapy is the answer.


Hypnotherapy for jealousy can help.

  • It will increase your self-esteem and raise your sense of self-worth

  • Hypnotherapy helps your unconscious mind rationalise negative thoughts and feelings

  • It can help to rebuild your trust in others and yourself

  • It releases past hurts and allows you to move on from previous relationships

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I knew my jealousy was making my girlfriend turn away from me. We had been getting on really well and we were getting closer. But the closer I got the more possessive I got and that’s when things started to go wrong. I knew I would lose her if I didn’t change. And even though she would reassure me that she loved me I still felt paranoid she would meet someone else. If she went out on her own my mind would go into overdrive about what she was doing!
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